Recreation Ages 5 and up

The primary objective of the recreation program is to provide your son or daughter with the fundamentals and correct body positioning for the gymnast to execute skills on all apparatuses used in the sport of gymnastics.

Gymnastics helps develop coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, self-confidence and discipline which helps provide a strong foundation for all sports.

Through repetition, the gymnast will progress at their own ability while training to execute and implement the skills correctly with our Safety Certified instructors.

Class meets 1 time per week for 1 hour for 10 weeks.

Level 1
Students will work on the basic skills of gymnastics on each apparatus. They will work on perfecting their rolls, handstands, bridges, and cartwheels on floor; casting and pullovers on bars; walking, mounting and dismounting on beam; and basic vaulting. They will also work on developing strength and flexibility needed for skills for intermediate and advanced gymnastics.

Level 2 (Placement in this class requires evaluation)
Students continue to work on the basics as well as intermediate skills of gymnastics on each apparatus. These students have already perfected their cartwheels, handstands and the other skills in level 1 gymnastics. They will be introduced to skills such as round offs, and kick overs/walkovers on floor; hip circles on bars, jumping and basic tumbling on the beam; intermediate vaulting skills, etc.. They will continue working on their flexibility, technique, and strength needed to progress into more difficult skills needed for more advanced gymnastics. 

Level 3 (Placement in this class requires evaluation)
Students have a strong background in the basics of beginner and Intermediate gymnastics. They will work on more advanced skills on each event, including handsprings, walkovers, beam tumbling, high bar skills, etc. They will work on further improving their strength and flexibility, as well as dance and technique.


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