Level 1 Tumbling: Beginners (Ages: 6+) 1 hour

 No prerequisites

Our level 1 tumbling class is designed to teach the fundamentals of tumbling. Gymnast will learn body positions, cartwheels, standing round offs, running round offs, back walk overs, and front walk overs.

Level 2 Tumbling: Intermediate (Ages: 6+) 1 hour

 Prerequisites: solid and consistent cartwheel, standing round off, running round off, and a running round off jump to back. Athlete must have ALL required skills mastered to move up to Level 2.

Our level 2 tumbling class is geared towards tumblers who have mastered the fundamentals. Gymnast will learn back handsprings (Flip Flops), round off back handsprings, front handsprings, front tucks, and standing back tucks.

Level 3 Tumbling: Advance (Ages: 6+) 1 hour 30 minutes

 Prerequisites: for Level 3: All required skills for Level 2 as well as a minimum of two standing back handsprings (no spotter) running round off back handspring (no spotter), front handspring, front tuck, and standing back tuck. Athlete must have ALL required skills mastered or coach’s approval to advance to this level.

Our Level 3 Tumbling Class was carefully constructed and designed for the advance tumbler. This class focuses on building tumbling passes (running round off, back handspring, and back tuck). In addition to building tumbling passes athletes are taught advanced tumbling skills such as punch front tucks in pike position, layouts, layout ½ twist, fulls, and standing back tuck to back handspring series. Skills are taught based on individual athlete’s abilities.

Please contact our office if you are interested in Tumbling

HUGS Gymnastics COVID-19 Update

HUGS Gymnastics has your family’s health and safety as our top priority! We have taken all the necessary steps to keep your family and our staff as safe as possible. We have strict social distancing and sanitizing procedures in place but  you can have it all! At HUGS our gymnasts have fun and socialize and get  a workout all while staying as safe as possible!




Our crew is using an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant designed for use against Coronavirus as well as a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses, mold and mildew. In addition to the mega cleaner, we are using a UV light on every porous service that cannot be sprayed, such as bars and beams. All sanitizing is done BEFORE AND AFTER EVERY CLASS. All high touch surfaces such as door knobs, bathrooms, chairs and cubbies, are sanitized every hour. Please note, all cleaning is done by a masked crew member while the gym is empty of all students during our increased time between classes to ensure proper ventilation.




Everyone entering the building will have their temperature checked and hands sanitized. Anyone with a temperature over 100.4 will not be allowed in the building. EVERYONE entering the building must be wearing a mask. Gymnasts will take masks off when they are doing gymnastics but must wear to enter and transition. 


Social Distancing & Hand Washing


Our gymnasts will have their own mat to warm up on, all placed at least 6 feet apart. They each have their own designated spot to place their water  bottles, also kept 6 feet apart. When transitioning from one event to another or to or from their water bottles, the gymnast will wear masks when transitioning. Your child’s coach will have hand sanitizer on them at all times. Each child will get their hands washed before each event, water break, and at the end of class. Our facilities have been upgraded to include  touch free  soap, sink  and paper towel dispenser to reduce high touch areas.


Parent/Tot Classes


Students in the tot class will  enter through the private  tot door which enters directly into our separate and enclosed parent tot gym, and use cubbies for belongings within the tot gym. This keeps our youngest members  COMPLETELY SEPARATE from the rest of the gym as well as eliminates any traffic at the start and end of class . Only one parent per child will be allowed for proper social distancing. Parents must wear masks in class.


Pre-Kinder Gym Classes


One parent is required to stay in or near the lobby for children aged 4 or under. No other adults or children, please. Our staff cannot help them use the bathroom so we need a parent nearby to help when needed. Parents in lobby must wear a mask.


Additional Information


All coaches and staff will be wearing masks at all times.


Our lobby and office are closed to reduce traffic and exposure! You may register and make payments online at any time. We have set up seating in front of the gym for parents and sibling of gymnasts in class or your welcome to bring your own and watch from outside when our garage doors are open!


Office hours are limited. If you do not get through to office staff, please email us at contact@hugsgymnastics.com


Additional COVID-19 policies.


We are currently not allowing makeup or trial classes per the State of Illinois Youth Sport Guidelines. This is for your gymnasts safety in order to reduce exposure to a limited number of individuals your child’s class will always be the same group of kids. These will come back once we hear that static classes are not required.

We do not offer refunds for any reason.


A new waiver is required for each session which can be found on our home page.